You’ll need 

1x green nailpolish
1x white polish
1x dark blue polish
1x medium blue polish
 1x light blue polish
a dotting tool or the end of a brush
1x manicure fineliner or a bobby pin


manicure m 2

Step 1

Start off with an all-white base.

Step 2

Take your fineliner or a bobby pin and a green polish and start painting a couple of long blades of grass on your white nails. Those grass stems are the canvas for your blueberries. They can cross each other. 

Step 3

With the aid of your dotting tool place several blueberries on your blades of grass.


Step 4

Do the same thing with a lighter blue polish. Just place them in the center of the dark blue ones.

Step 5

Now take the lightest blue shade and position them in the middle of the blueberries.


Step 6

Look at your nails and maybe add a few dots, when you like what you’re seeing then you’re good to go.

    manicure m 1


Pretty easy, huh? See you next week beauties. Yours truly,



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