The photographer Jose Tutiven invites us to a trip through all the cities we can discover and explore in his photos. You might feel like a tourist, but you’re not any kind of rucksack tourist, you’re a traveler who wants to experience adventures in cities and explore secret places. He manages to capture the atmosphere of a departure, of the unfamiliar, adventure and voyage. Sometimes, he’s accompanied during his tours. And then, he also manages to capture his mates’ feelings.


His pictures are full of life. It seems like the viewer himself or herself is standing at the Brooklyn Bridge or in the avenues of New York. The pictures’ themes include landscape images and photos of architecture and lifestyle. They connect the landscape and the depicted person, and create a perfect whole. Tutiven is also known for his amazing portraits. Join his journey and discover and experience new cities. Thanks to Tutiven’s works you don’t even have to spend money on real world trips.


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