The Fashion Week of the Chinese fashion metropolis in Shanghai is going to start on April 12th at 3 pm with the label Kelkel. Kerkel stands for the unification of eastern and western culture. This fashion is made for kids – it reflects the bright and cheerful lifestyle of the whole family.

There are many pieces which are going to turn summer 2014 into a big highlight for the little ones! A part of this collection consists of pieces which lets kids appear like adults in a chic and elegant way. Boys are wearing suits and girls are wearing cute little dresses. Of course all these pieces still keep their childish character.

The colorful and partly dazzling leisure clothing are quite charming. A girl appears with a retro look with a skirt and a cardigan. Ribbons and other cute details are of course integrated! Flowers and checked patterns turn the skirt into something cuter than it’s already is. The boy’s fashion is doing everything what it should do – it gives off a sporty and cool charm. Hooded shirts and baggy jeans are made for kids’ adventures!

This label offers everything a child needs to feel comfortable which also melts adults’ hearts…

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