Podolyan was founded by its eponymous designer Vladymyr Podolyan. In 2010, he presented his first own collection even though many of his former creations had already gained worldwide attention for other labels. Podolyan stands for the feminine, sensual, mysterious side of the modern woman.

This is also why black becomes the base of many designs for summer 2014. From floor-length skirts to business blazers – Vladymyr provides almost every piece with a sophisticated cut. Deep slits on the sleeves or plastic elements add excitement and life to the designs.

The dark black is combined with summery, shining colors, like yellow or pink. Dark and light shades meet each other in geometric orders or separately. Again, he uses sophisticated cuts and makes the color ensembles even more dynamic with asymmetric layers.

You can check out this label’s mysterious, exciting look at THE fashion event of Belarus – the Belarus Fashion Week. Don’t miss this elegant-crazy mix!

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