The feminine elegance and classic influences define the look of Nataliya Kostroma-Andreyuk. Noble pastel colors harmonize beautifully with each other so that they can complete the elegant style in a unique way. The wearer will shine in delicate pleated pants and floating skirts, which have been slightly fluted.

Elegance doesn’t mean that yesterday’s run-out-the-mill sort of fashion awaits you here. Many different cuts mark the collection. Cropped elements and casual sweaters meet sensual as well as athletic-looking components. The summer 2014 is going to be very versatile and exciting in terms of fashion thanks to Natalia. However, the feminine silhouette is always in the center.

I personally love this look – the loose cloth pants as well as the elegant, plain-colored onesie really impressed me. The design concept of the collection is based on folklorist elements from my point of view which is accentuated by the opulently decorated, traditional-looking clothes. Here, the designer gives you many possibilities to interpret your look in an individual way, letting you live out your creativity to the fullest.

The latest looks by the label Nataliya Kostroma-Andreyuk are presented exclusively at the Belarus Fashion Week, which is about to start. There, not only a couple of elegant highlights await you, but you will also be able to enjoy many surprises revolving around the modernly interpreted, folklorist look.

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