Cassey Gan presents themed fashion with a message in four different lines. Prints are clearly in the focus here and they are often paired with clear cuts. They can range from geometric to photorealistic prints. In addition to that Cassey Gan added some monochromatic designs to complete the collection and thus creates the perfect reality of an urban trendsetter.

A part of her latest designs by the Malaysian designer will be presented at Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur. The show starts officially on June 18th and Cassey Gan’s show is only one of many highlights of the week. Everything centres around dresses made out of flowing fabrics with angular forms, very contemporary and timeless if you ask me.

The different lines contain matching pieces; some offer only one special incision. The only difference will be the prints. Funny enough though, only that fact transforms the piece into something completely new. Stripes, triangles, diamonds, colorful rectangles or pictures of Mother Nature are only some of the many motives. The color palette is also really vast – blue however plays a big role and is featured a multitude of times.

Don’t miss out on the show because I swear to god, everything is just marvellous with this collection. Simple cuts, unusual prints and the latest trends build up a Western cosmopolitan look.

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