Bianca Spender has been one of the labels to present her collection on the runways at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sidney since just 2010. On Wednesday, April 9th, she will introduce her designs; so she was able to get a great time during the Fashion Week.

The concept of this label is the light femininity. Simultaneously, it also includes the complete opposite which is expressed in rather masculine silhouettes and clear-cut sleeves. Thereby she is demonstrating her prowess in the field of construction and drapery. The designer explains that her creations are partially made of a whole which is slung and interlaced around the body. Bianca probably had her violet dress in mind when saying that. The dress has a playful and asymmetrical appearance with just one strap over the shoulder.

Besides the bold violet, there are other strong colors like blue and orange in her collection. Faded and combined, the bold colors are paired with various beige tones, black and white – wherein the beige hues are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the actual skin color. The designs by Bianca Spender are very contradicting. On the one hand it is easy and playful and on the other hand, it is stiff and structured. Therefore the collection is already completed by itself and it shows a well-rounded deal for fall and winter.


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