The fashion brand of the eponymous designer Dawid Tomaszewski is probably the epitome of femininity. With his label, the world conqueror born in Poland creates an individual vision of the modern woman. Said woman can be sure to have Dawid Tomasewski support her self-confidence with his unique fashion. The ideal woman according to Dawid is open-minded, elegant and always trend-setting with one eye always locked on the future. With her individuality, she is always capable of conquering her environment and drawing those near her under her spell. Innovation, modernity and individuality are values the designer writes in capital letters.

In the next year, Dawid honors the capital city, presenting his collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January. Pure femininity for the fall and winter season 2015/2016 is showcased within the frameworks of this fashion spectacle. At the moment however, the summer collection for the coming year is still the talk of the town because it truly lends wings to our romantic veins which seem to be particularly vivid in the spring.  But of course, wearing this fashion in the winter will be anything but a fashion crime either. Au contraire! This collection was showcased at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin as well and promises an incredibly great next show in January.

The fascination Dawid sparks amongst his fans is very understandable because you seldom have seen elegance which is this nonchalant. It seems as if the feminine cuts were brought to life by bright nuances. Every detail is filled with love and care because Dawid dedicates himself to even the smallest accentuations, literally letting himself get carried away by his perfectionism.

The crème-colored palette is completed by discreet, geometrical patterns in the shape of a rhombus for instance. Frills individualize the light summer jacket. Soft draperies give birth to flowing surfaces and silhouettes which are emphasized by discreet waterfall necklines. The highlights of the collection however are the floor-length summer dresses which are presented in diverse designs.

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