Summer is coming; Hasan Hejazi’s new looks, as well. His label specializes on evening fashion, and now he introduces exclusive outfits for day and night. An elegant style meets strong colors and feminine silhouettes. He has been creating fashion since 2010 and has always focused on a woman’s luxurious life and her high expectations on her fashionable appearance. Celebrities are also fans of his gowns. Why?

Delicate and boyish elements in the business style are simply brought together. The outfits are subtle and at the same time breathtaking. The feminine silhouette is often to the fore and is highlighted by sophisticated details. A waist vest is highlighted by a silky belt and a top is very tight around the hips.

The tops, including blazers and vests, is marked by striking collars. The creations are available in many colors, such as orange, violet and pink, while the skirts are completed with feminine highlights – floor-length tulle skirts and shorts add a very sensual touch. The different pieces can be matched very well since most of them are kept in crème, berry or pastel shades.

Hasan Hejazi proves his creativity and especially his style.

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