You’ve already seen Craig Green’s crazy creations. Now, it’s time for summer 2014 and again, he’s showing us what fashion means to him. The men are dressed up from heads to toe. The creations they’re wearing are artful ans architectural masterpieces. “From head to toe” is taken really seriously. Black and white alternate with colorful batiks.

The designer loves the layered look, which is also remarkable in the summer collection. The men don’t just wear pants, but over them they also wear skirts or another pair of shorter pants. The upper body part is even getting crazier. While some of the outfits consist of wide sweaters, others cover the entire upper body and face of the wearers. These one are made of paper and cardboard. Geometrical forms are mixed into crazy combinations until the designer has reached his thrilling construction.

I love the way Craig Green turns fashion into art. He doesn’t only use pattern, which I also really like, but also many different materials. Beside the versatile fabrics, you will also find some leather and patent leather pieces in the collections.

Craig Green proves that fashion can be more than only fashion. His crazy creations are so creative and exceptional and lead us into a totally different world of fashion.

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Craig Green, just for men – Fall/Winter 2013/14

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