What is the result if you pair the graphic artist and illustrator  Jed Henry  with the woodcut artist David Bull? Yes, you are right. Something really cool! The unlikely couple recently brought a kickstarter project to life in order to publish and present woodprints. But I’m not talking about usual, ordinary woodcuts. Instead, their artworks resemble awesome, Japanese woodworks, which has been refined and perfected over the centuries and is marked by an unprecedented style.

This particular Japanese art is defined by leaving out light and shadow effects. Instead the illustrations appear simplified. Stylized illustrations with strong contours emerge. Jed Henry and David Bull employ this style, applying it on modern Nitendo videogame characters. This means Mario, Link, Kirby and co are installed into Medieval sceneries, following the style of antique Japanese art. A couple of such motifs have been created by now which will probably make you smile, if you are able to observe the parallels with the Japanese videogame culture. And it gets better: Since the kickstarter project was a success, you can buy their works on their Website  now!












Bildquelle und Website: https://www.ukiyoeheroes.com/