It’s already obvious once you’ve taken a look at the prices that the PlayStation 4 is currently the best console. With a price of 489€, the XBOX One costs a whopping 89€ more than the PS4 – but hey, at least you even get less performance for paying those extra 89€!

Sony focused on making gaming beautiful again and to get close to PC gamers in terms of graphics. Microsoft, the developer of the XBOX One, however was all about putting all kinds of unnecessary things into their console.

Just a few of those example are the following:

  • Always-On Kinect
  • A controller with normal batteries instead of a rechargeable one in 2014!!!
  • 60€ per year subscription to (necessarily) play online
  • Most of the games aren’t Full HD and are displayed below 60 frames per second. The human eye recognizes smooth movement at 60 frames per second, anything below that looks like it is straggering.
  • Once again there is no backwards-compability – you can go ahead and sell your old XBOX 360 games or throw them away.

As you can see, expensive doesn’t mean better. If I did manage to convince you to buy the Playstation 4, then you should definitely not miss tomorrow’s gaming article about the top games for the Playstation 4 in 2014.

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