The bubbly and lively designer named Amanda Uprichard is such a powerful woman like nobody else. Balancing the upbringing of her child, her job, further education, partying and having fun? Well, she can do this. Adapting to the urban and busy pace of New York, Amanda Uprichard had an exciting adventure when she was singing in bands and besides hobbies and family obligations she even attended the Parsons School of Design. At the time when her label was finally launched, her daughter reached the age of seven. That’s eight years ago now.

This time, we have noticed Amanda Uprichard’s new Summer Collection 2014 for the Nashville Fashion Week . This event presents, from April 1st  until April 5th , many different designers, Amanda Uprichard being among them.

When asking her for whom she designed these clothing, she always replies: “…I draw inspiration from everyone. All kinds of women: doctors, writers, lawyers, sisters, cousins, moms, teenagers”. The summer collection stands out with an astounding variety due to its nonchalance: flattering dresses, cool sweaters, creamy pastel colors, a minimalist but clean chic or elegant pencil skirts in beige or pink? We are very excited about what Amanda Uprichard is going to present early in April.


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