Triumph is a huge name in the lingerie business, and their loving collections, which emphasize feminine grace, have earned them many fans. Triumph understands that it’s not just about the design, but more importantly the needs of the wearer. They’re constantly improving the comfort of their designs, and that’s the reason why so many women swear by Triumph underwear and nightwear.

Once you’ve put them on, you’ll never want to take them off again! Aside from boasting a unique fit and some evidently excellent workmanship, Triumph offers some outstanding and highly versatile design. Choose your favourite styles from their selection – do you want to feel seductive, comfortable, or relaxed? Make a wish, and it will be granted.

This winter’s latest collection shows us once again just how versatile underwear can be. Bras and panties are now available in royal blue, lavender and violet, all the while mingling with black. Lace comes together with sturdy fabrics, creating patterns that are sure to please the eye. Triumph leaves nothing to chance, and have also integrated transparent elements into their models.

It’s not only lingerie that makes an appearance in this current line – accessories and sleepwear are the co-stars of the collection, and the nightgowns, pajama pants and slippers make us long for a relaxed evening with our loved ones.

By the way, you can also check out Triumph’s new collection in our online shop!

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