The label Skladnova which was founded in the year 2010 has been participating in the Riga Fashion Week since its foundation. The brand’s spring and summer collection 2014 was presented last year within the framework of the most significant Latvian fashion spectacle and indeed impressed the fashion crowd. Surprisingly said collection appears remarkably more girly, playful and cheekier than the previous collections in which Skladnova, above all, placed value on the beauty of flowing and voluminous fabrics which mark the wearer’s performance with a lot of drama.

Skladnova stands for handicraft, elegance and high standards. Even though a touch of cheekiness seems to pervade the latest collection, classiness is still a fundamental principle the newest designs by this brands are based on. The short but high-necked little dresses are embellished with a lot of lace in order to emphasize the modesty of the wearer, while still accentuating her beautiful legs. The collar, too, plays an important role as they are defined by the charms of a school girl.

What makes the collection stand out is the fact that it is characterized by a versatile choice of fabrics, while diversity can also be found in the designs which seem to be innovative interpretations of a school girl uniform. The circle skirt combined with a black leather jacket indeed would please the naughty school girls among us, right? Another look which struck my eye is the symbiosis of denim and the high collar which give the skirts a very casual touch.

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