Like many other designers, Macario Jiménez graduated from the well known Instituto Maragoni in  Milan. He blossomed in this wonderful Mediterranean country and was caught up by the sophisticated and high quality design – made in Italy.

He is known for his slim and ultra-feminine cuts with which he creates, as he says himself, “a dress with soul”. Since he launched his label in 1994 which is named after him, he, as a designer, has gone through stages of development with the aim to become one of the best.

Did he succeed? I think that a designer who spent 20 years living out his creativity is still able to characterize a season anew. Whereas the main colors of his last collection for summer were red, blue and yellow, this summer of 2014 is shown from a very different perspective.

Something which got my attention were the doll-like models with voluminous and backcombed hair. Their makeup also enhanced this impression with coral and purple shades. But instead Macario Jiménez installs contrasts with diversified cold metallic colors into his designs. You can see how a another wonderful contrast has been created, especially when you take a look at the black gowns which resemble the feathering of a raven. They appear mystical, almost threatening and their models who are enveloped by the dresses seem to be protected by them.

Macario Jiménez is going to present his latest collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México. You can marvel at his show on April 2nd at 1:00pm.

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