Blandine Bardeau’s jewelry is truly peerless. With her artistic soul she creates jewelry pieces, but also many art objects. They are just like her jewelry: joyful, colorful, crazy. The creations spread a childlike, fresh look with their many different colors and their very innovative design.

Feathers and wool transform into pieces that me and many others have surely never seen before. The colorful rings consist of differently colored wools that have been twisted into, braided or layered over each other. The rings appear chunky and striking and can be worn individually or in a chaotically composed combination. Different colors, including yellow, green, blue and many more colors, allow you to find the right jewelry piece for any outfit.

Beside rings, Blandine Bardeau also offers different necklaces. The dangling or short models, which have been made of impressively combined sorts of wool, are precisely adjusted to the rings’ designs. Felt, wool, feathers, tulle and many more materials mark the thrilling look. On the other hand, let’s take a look at her classic creations, which look totally different. For the necklaces and bracelets she uses many plastic sticks in different colors and arranges them together. This is how a colorful, outstanding and extraordinary design in bright and shining shades is created.

Blandine Bandeau expertly plays with materials and colors in order to present unique pieces to you.

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