The label pRaise offers you fashion which doesn’t only look good, but which also conveys a message. The designer Alma Meza combines the modern look with an almost sacral statement. This fashion proves that believing is still en vogue in our modern times. Trendy cuts meet very profound sayings. Alma Meza emphasizes that belief is anything but grey and boring. The models almost seem rocking and rebellious. The tank top and the leggings, the light summer jacket and the t-shirt are so hip that they are a must for your wardrobe. The prints on the tops speak for the label’s ideology. Each caption on the garments praises God.

“God is Love” is just one of the most timid prints. Take a look at the following caption: “Naughty by Nature – saved by God’s Grace”. Printed on a tank top, it appears very cheeky. As you can see, here you can live out your belief and at the same time you can set new fashionable trends.

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