The Fashion Week in the Ukrainian city Lviv already celebrated numerous highlights – one special moment definitely was the performance of the designer  Lilia Litkovskaya. With her signature lines, she sets new trends and, above all, impresses those who love a simple look with clear structures. Straight lines and expressive materials determine the purist style.

Timeless, fashionable and cheeky – these terms describe the winter collection for 2014/2015 /perfectly. Here, the fabrics und leather, straight lines, edges and angles become one harmonious entity perfected by details. Quillings, gathers and fringes can be discovered – these little accentuations define the look of the single pieces.

Black paired with white determines the look. The strong contrasts between these classic colors definitely harmonize with the very expressive design. Long skirts and dresses with boyish silhouettes are combined with the striking and tomboyish tops and coats. Monochrome pieces clash with striped patterns or shiny, golden highlights.

It can barely get any more individual. Since the foundation in the year 2009, individuality has been the goal and priority of the talented designer. Her unique style makes you fall in love with her fashion with the help of plainness and sophisticated details, which make the wearer stand out.

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