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Ben Pogue succeeded in discovering his passion for the art and fashion of the street culture, although none of these fascinating aspects typical of big cities have been part of his environment in his childhood. In fact, Ben Pogue grew up on the countryside in Australia. Only at the age of 13, he received the possibility to live out his artistic personality at a residential school. After the lessons, he began to take photos, trying to imitate the ones in magazines. In the end, he decided to study photography at the Melbourne Institute of Technology. Shortly after that, he moved to the US where he had the chance to assist his idols.

Today, he himself is an idol, known for his minimalist approaches in his special field: Photographing still lives. His skills are mirrored by his ability to make use of harmonic colors and by his competence to emphasize the subject in a way which makes the viewer think that they can almost grasp it.

Famous magazines such as The New York Times, Style Magazine or the Vogue didn’t fail to notice his talent, publishing several of his works already. His clients aren’t unknown either. Chanel, MAC Cosmetics, Jil Sander, Nike or H&M appreciate his work, just to name a few. For these renowned fashion and cosmetics brands he takes photos of accessories or beauty products, following his distinct sense for exciting and harmonic picture compositions.

Ben Pogue creates beautiful photos without placing mannequins in his works, which just makes his artworks more likable in my opinion. They either seduce you with their extremely sensual calmness, with their conciseness or with their staged and therefore organized chaos. His works are always full of surprises.

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