The summer collection by this label is simply sexy. The brand Sowik Matyga was founded by two students who know how to create a unique look. Their innovative collection bears the simple name “2026”. Women can find seductive and modern fashion highlights here. If you are a fan of a look between femme fatale, hipster and elegance, you will love this brand.

In such a sensual collection, leather of course can’t be missing. Above all, the sexy bralets, which are marked by buckles on the back, are composed of this seductive material. The colors of these and the rest of the models appear rather bright thanks to the use of white, rose and blue. However, black is employed to create thrilling contrasts.

You can wear a metallic, shimmery leather jacket over one of their tops. With such an outfit, you will be in the center of attention anywhere you go. I like the plain bodies in particular. They emphasize the female body like no other. No matter whether it’s a leather skirt or a sweater made of a heavy and thick material, the individual style of the designer duo behind the label has been installed into each of their creations. Even the rucksack is turned into a star by this label.

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