Alex Mattsson has won my heart with his collection for spring and summer 2014. The collection for fall and winter 13/14 will help us stay stylish even in everyday life and seems to be more than just a collection. With “Chuco 2.0”, Alex Mattsson creates a new sub culture – at least it seems like that. Here you can find dark colors combined with a little bit of white, which is a must. This collection throws up all kinds ofclothing styles, integrates suit trousers and even a pinstripe suit into the designs and even designed overalls to create contrasts.

These pants are loosely cut and wide around the waist. It seems to be an absurd mixture of MC Hammer and typical hip hop pants. Sometimes they are rolled up, in combination with bulky shoes, they resemble the teddy boys of the 50s, one of the most famous subcultures ever.

At that time suit trousers played an important role like they do in Alex Mattssons’ collection now. It’s embellished with chains, which hang along the legs. Especially on their biker jackets, there are chains and zippers, which give them an edgy and bold character.

Alex Mattsson works with less colors in his collection for fall and winter 13/14 and bestows a threatening and rebellious character upon the entire assortment. In this way, the collection is completed and rounded up, so that it seems like members of this subculture were photographed on the street – who doesn’t want to be part of it?

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Alex Mattsson, just for men – Spring/Summer 2014

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