The renowned premium brand Aigner places itself in the more upscale segment of the fashion industry. It has made a great impact with its exclusive clothing and leather goods. Their well-deserved reputation created a fandom that goes beyond borders. Fans from all over the world can depend on luxurious clothing items and elegant accessories. Despite 50 years on their backs, Aigner never fails to surprise us.

Black remains one of the most important colors for a woman who will not bow down to anyone; a woman who is confident in herself; a woman that is a style icon both during the day and the night. If any of that appealed to you, the latest collection will just be up your alley. Whilst the clothing segment is quite manageable, the accessories line is more than versatile. Brilliant eye catchers such as coats, dresses and leggings are perfectly topped off by shoes, bags and belts.

Aigner fashion sets themselves apart with intricate details except when it comes to leather goods that tend to be simpler in design. Both however have benefits and, once combined, they are unbeatable.

This year, more classic designs and color combination have made it as top priorities amongst designers. Autumnal shades and wintery chic round off the whole look of the season. The cherry on top: Accessories such as watches, cloths and perfumes which top off every luxurious ensemble and make men from all over swoon over you.

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