Not only does the limited range of accessories make Trakatan so unbelievably exclusive. All of the bags have elaborate designs, which captivated us with brilliants details. Sometimes they are worked with washings or other techniques to create a distinct look. In the winter collection there are mainly large handbags or rucksacks. With exciting colors like blue and orange the bags become winter’s eye catchers. However, the designs in various shades of brown or black are also a must for any bag crazed fashionista.

The shapes range from square to round. Large, square bags are rather traditional, while the round ones have a modern and innovative touch to them. The designs even come in handy, as they offer  a lot of stowage with their shape. They are fit for any occasion, let it be work, college or just for a casual stroll, everything you need for the day will find room there. And well, when I say everything will fit it, I’m not joking around – take a look at the striking blue bag. Did I promise too much?

For the evening you can simply swap the large handbag for a small one, thus you’re fully equipped for a night of clubbing! My tip is the orange leather rucksack with slim straps. The rucksack’s discreet design makes it look elegant and the feminine charm is because of the flashy orange! You can not only emphasize your outfit with these bags, but even bring some color for the grey winter! So, let’s do it!

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