Everything about the label C’Lou can be called exceptional. It’s not only the founder of the label who’s only 15, but it’s also the idea behind these handbags. Céline and other two young women Hayet and Désirée Lou, the sister of C’Lou’s founder, prove that they indeed have an eye for fashion trends, blessed with creativeness and commitment at a young ages. Her family and her friends support her a lot. Also the social work plays an important role for C’Lou. She namely benefits her proceeds to needy children. The label shows that it does care for nature, the environment and fair working conditions by producing in Germany and Europe.

“It’s just more than a simple bag”. This is C’Lou’s slogan. Why? The reason is that every handbag has numerous facets. The “change-it” system makes the modern look easily achievable. You can restyle your bag as you like! You can change the “face” of the bag by changing the zipper and yeah, you do get a fashionable advantage thanks to this fact; and you can show all your facets.

Shiny leather, soft fur or flower prints, dots or a timeless plain-colored design are only one of the many various options to custom your bag. You can choose between edged, classy handbags and round, modern forms. You can also custom your favorite size. C’Lou stands for innovation, modern design and your own individual style!
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