This label was already presented in two articles dealing with the  Cruise Collection and the collection for spring/summer 2014 Jay Ahr was founded by Jonathan Riss who feels home in the center of New York. His style is characterized by an unmistakable mix of elegance and a young, fresh and sporty character. He appeals to young customers loving noble designs embellished with exceptional materials. Thus, the sexy miniskirts play an important role.

While the skirts were rather voluminous in the previously mentioned collections, his latest Pre-Fall collection contains tightly cut skirts. This bestows a more mature character upon the line. The color palette is unusually dark, dominated by dark blue, red and lot of black plus a little bit of white. Zippers are strikingly often used. They look like decorative silver lines dragging over several pieces of clothing. Indeed, you can’t deny the additional touch of sensuality emerges upon the idea of the opening.

Jay Ahr shows that this label makes constant progress, yet it remains true to the original idea of elegance, modernity and the noble character.


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