Trained at the School for Textiles in Sweden, a young designer lives and works in Berlin. Sara Lundberg tries to turn a metaphysical into a topic and uses the forrest as a starting point. She makes the relationship between society and nature which is however going to be virtual by time, into an issue with her collection “Framing Forrest”. It happens when reality and virtuality melts together until you can’t distinguish what exactly is real and what not.

A romantic imagination of life and nature is created without the consideration of the dirty and dangerous side. Her collection reflects a virtual imagination of nature where foxes are green or pink, just like one of her prints. Everything seems peacefully and pure.

Sandra Lundberg shows her affection for prints with her pieces where you can always find some. Flowers as a symbol for nature and lines as symbols for vectors of the virtual world. The clothing itself stays casual with loosed cuttings. A very trick piece is the coat which is actually a fake in front of another coat.

Sara Lundberg chose a topic which affects almost everyone. Nowadays people tend to spend their lives in the virtual world without considering the real world around them. With the pieces of Sara Lundberg, you’re almost forced to see the real world because you’ll surely be talked to while wearing them.

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