Idiocracy tells about a hypothermia experiment executed by the US-Army. Soldier Joe Bauers and a prostitute called Rita get quick-frozen in  caskets for getting defrosted later. Unfortunately, the future is not as expected. The world is ruled by white trash, people who try to jump over a house with a jet ski represent the next generation. Academics decide that the world turned too cruel for raising children, hence they’re dying out. In consequence, the two test subjects are left behind and awake due to a huge garbage avalanche in 2505. They are pretty shocked because they have to ascertain that they’re the smartest people alive now. A rapper is the president and the film „Ass“ gets 5 Oscars for farting.

Joe Bauers, who is meanwhile called „not sure“, wants to rescue society from demise. He wants to bring the drought to an end by dowsing the dry earth with water from the toilet, because he’s the only one who knows that plants do not grow thanks to the energy drink „Brawndo“. That means that a fight for life and death against the degenerated society begins. This film criticizes our current system and society strongly. Even if you won’t get it, laughers are guaranteed! Thus it’s worth watching it.

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