Hello fellow beauty lovers.

I think everybody knows those little tedious problems in our everyday life that often cost us unnecessary one or two additional minutes of our lives? They add up to a huge amount of wasted time. To prevent that I prepared a couple of tips for you that you (hopefully) didn’t know about yet.


Tip 1 | Dry your hair the proper way

The ones amongst you, who have ridiculously long hair will definitely relate to this one. The media often tells us we should avoid using heat on our hair, our best friend tells us to be careful with using a towel to rub down your hair because it is proven to be damaging for your hair structure. And don’t put your hair in a towel turban because you will most definitely trap the hot moisture inside, which can also be damaging for your roots and scalp. How the heck am I supposed to dry my hair without having to wait half a day?

Well, that’s easy: Use an old T-shirt of yours to tackle the problem. It does sound weird at first but look at this: T-shirts absorb the moisture extremely efficiently and are way gentler to your hair than towels. Another plus: Now you finally have a solution as to how to use the clothes you don’t wear anymore and only god knows how often I have to deal with THAT problem. 😉


Tip 2 | Tame your brows effectively

This time it’s all about the hairs in our face. Yes, I am talking about the little fine hairs above your eyes: your brows. Bushy eyebrows have been the talk of the town since Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins – both on and off runways. Cara’s eyebrows still have to be properly groomed, though. To tame those bushy beauty statements, I recommend using lip balm. It’s transparent, will keep your brows in place and moisture your skin, it’s the perfect all-rounder. And much cheaper than your typical brow waxes you find on the market.


Tip 3 | Color your roots without color residue

Let’s stay in the drugstores and grab a tube of Vaseline or simple Conditioner, shall we? Those come out to play whenever you have to freshen up your roots with your favorite hair color or whenever you simply want to change your whole hair color. Just distribute Vaseline or Conditioner on your forehead, neck, ears and other free areas around your face. Then apply the color to your hair. Afterwards rinse it all out and voilà, the color won’t stick to your skin. You can simply wipe it off your face.

I really hope I could provide you with a useful tip or two. Make sure to drop by tomorrow to get the latest bargains in the online beauty world.

Yours truly,


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