Oops. Blizzard – the guys who made World of Warcraft – did it again! They’re releasing yet another card game. Although this time it’s not going to be a Trading Card Game.  Hearthstone will be an Online Card-Collecting Game. That means you can’t trade your cards with others, as CCG already says: You can “only” collect them. Oooh well, kind of reminds me of the good ol’ days when I played Yu-Gi-Oh at school. Man, this was one expensive hobby.

But don’t worry. Hearthstone has entered the open beta, this means you can download it and play it for free right now!

It doesn’t need a rocket engineer to see that Hearthstone is related to World of Warcraft. In Hearthstone you’ll have a rendezvous with Onyxia, Alexstrasza and Ragnaros. Important people, warleaders and dukes are not left out of course: We get to meet Jaina Proudmoore, Grommash Hellscream and Malfurion Stormrage! But trust me, this game will not only draw WoW fans under its spell.

So what’s the charm about an online card game where you can’t even trade your cards? I’ve stuck to this game for weeks now and there’s one thing I love so much about it: As incredibly simple as this game is to understand, you’ll yet realize how deep and complicated the concept and system is – and it’s just really fun!

Moreover, there are nine different classes to play, each one of them has its own special ability and its own set of cards. There are four different ways to get new cards in Hearthstone: Boosters, Arena Game Mode, crafting them and leveling up.

And for all you people out there who just love collecting things: There of course also is a rare, golden version of every single card in the game! After all, even in the 21st century, we are still just gatherers and hunters.

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