The label DAKS is marked by a very long tradition concerning fashion for men. The label’s history started with men suits in 1894. Nowadays, you can still find numerous suits in different styles in their elegant collections. The label keeps up with the time and today, also presents daring designs which don’t fulfil the stereotype of the suits. That’s how this label strikes out and also sets new trends, while its signature feature has been and will always be its high quality.

The summer 2014 awaits for us with a collection full of classical details and playfulness. Elegance and provocation play a big role together. The boundaries between masculine and feminine clothing are immaterial. The main colors are black, white and beige. These colors are used individually or as combinations of patterns. Diversity defines the assortment, offering chequers, dots, rhombs or stripes which all exist in different versions.

The collection is marked by classic suits with plain pleated pants and an elegant shirt. But also playful models are offered, for example a black, dotted suit. Also the striped suits turn the business look into something really exciting. This label removes standards. The jackets and shirts are worn with short pants; the pleated trousers are combined with flip flops. The collection also includes knitted sweaters and knitted jackets which look like bathrobes. The pleated trousers are held by suspenders while some fresh bow-ties complete the chic look. Matching hand bags for men with matching patterns add some final highlights to the outfits.

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