Floral patterns are an integral part of the spring and summer fashion. Eventually, spring is the season which makes the whole world awaken from its hibernation and the flowers blooming anew. This is what inspired Los Angeles-based label Clover Canyon for its spring collection, which is reflected in a usual colorful look.

The aesthetics of the label with its bright, vibrant colors and experimental patterns fits perfectly into the desert and beach landscapes of the south of California. The many flowers that adorn almost every piece are rather extravagant and playful than, as often feared, cheesy. This is mainly due to the wild mix and the strategic style breaches that give the look an experimental and modern touch. Black chiffon with small flowers embroidery? Yay! An anorak with rose print? Even better! Anyone who wants to experiment in the fashion world should keep an eye on Clover Canyon.

More Information: www.clovercanyon.com