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Tablet for €9.95

Hey Beauties, 

Some weeks ago, I finally moved into my new flat  which I’d been waiting for so long. Everything was new, everything was and stil is chic – and then I knew, there’s finally place for all my beauty stuff, yay!

I often get inspired by youtubers when it comes to beauty storaging. Until a short while ago, all my cosmetic stuff was laying somewhere lonely in the corner or in ugly packages. Nobody could see them.

So, I spend some time and went shopping. Well, actually, I think I’m still spending too much time with it. Now, that it’s Christmas time, there are a lot of bling bling and beautiful accessories. I love all these glitter, shiny and precious things. So, I went to STRAUSS INNOVATION and got instantly blended by the nice products. STRAUSS INNOVATION was originally a German shopping mall and has been offering textiles, decorating products and home products for over 100 years. Their prices are very affordable. I guess, I stayed there forever and I looked through all decoration stuff.

Of course, I didn’t forget my actual aim, buying beauty products! I instantly found something. Now, a precious tray, a cake plate and a decoration-stand present my cosmetics, together with my acrylic containers and glasses. What was also nice, was that I could add my favourite colours blue and turquoise. Normally, containers and storages in these colours look like “toilets” or are way to mat, but this time I got chic, shiny glass and shimmery metallic.

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