Women are not the only ones who have a hard time finding the perfect products for their hairstyling. Men often put as much effort into their hair as women and therefore need different products for different styles.
Especially for work it is important to find hair products with a strong hold because the hair has to stay in place and shape all day. Here are the best types of hair products with a strong hold:

  1. Hairwax
    If you want to achieve a more plastic and matte effect in your hair, try hair wax. The hair is nourished by the wax and remains soft but still stays put all day and can be re-styled any time. It is important to only apply a small amount of wax into your hands, followed by rubbing it into the dry hair. Less is more because if you take a little too much it will look greasy real quick.
  2. Styling foam
    Styling Foam is like cement for your hair. Some of the products can get rock hard if you let them air-dry, others promise moisture, beautiful curls and more volume.
    Apply the product to damp hair from roots to ends and style it with your hair dryer.
  3. Hair Gel
    If you want to style your hair in a way that produces a slick wet effect, use hair gel because it provides an extreme hold and volume. A small amount can be very helpful for an invisible, yet very strong hold. However, applying the product into your damp hair and air-drying it afterwards, can lead to a rock-hard, long-lasting result.