The Spanish label Davidelfin has already made a cameo here with its Spring/ Summer Collection 2014. It included an intricate play of colors which will have its traces on the Fall/ Winter Collection as well.

In this case, there are no enormous surfaces shining in more colors. The colors are used in a more refined manner and the designs on their own became more detailed. Throughout the whole collection, there’s a constant contrast between colorful stripes and the black-white speckles à la salt and pepper design.

Single stripes are placed on on the back or as straps, while the dots are all over the piece. In contrast to the spring summer collection, there are designs for men this time, which sport the same elements but also some subdued approaches.

A real highlight of the “No One” Collection is obviously the shirt that’s also available for women. The front seam has a second collar and the lower back has two additional sleeves. Such extremes are what makes you marvel.

The designs of the new collection for fall and winter are presented in a very imaginative and playful fashion. Especially the contrasts between colorful and black-white as well as elegant and casual are creating tension in the collection. Additionally, the details bring out the charm of the theme.

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Davidelfin, for women – Fashion News 2014 Spring/Summer