If you are entering the “Tafelrunde“ you are accessing a restaurant, which is absolutely unique in Berlin. The Tafelrunde is a medieval restaurant, which the name already gives away. Tafelrunde means Round Table. Now, I hope you can see why you feel like King Arthur who is dining with his knights after a bloody crusade at a table as soon as you are within the walls of the Tafelrunde.

Furthermore you are served by ballad-mongers as well as beautiful maidservants. Your table manners are not needed here… just like in the times of the Lutherans. Manners, which would probably be seen as sexual harassment today, were absolutely ordinary in the Middle Ages. In the Tafelrunde you can just relax and let your inner knight and medieval lady out, because in the Tafelrunde the clock has been standing still since more than 400 years ago. Here, you dine in a completely medieval way and here you can party your ass of. With approximately €45 or let’s say 45 gold coins the Tafelrunde appears to be pricey at first.

But considering the fact that you can enjoy a 6 course meal with an all-you-can-drink option the price can be regarded as kingly.

From the Burgundy ox roast and the pork roast with crust to a suckling pig and a duck or goose roast, here hearty plain fare at its best can be found and more. Even for vegetarians, the Tafelrunde has a huge 6-course meal in store, which would even make a black Shetland pony jealous, not that I’m comparing vegetarians with ponies.

Everyone who is looking for something extraordinary should definitely not miss the chance to dine at the Berlin Tafelrunde.

Tafelrunde – Mittelalterliches Gasthaus
Nachodstraße 21 / Ecke Prager Str.
10779 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Tel: (030) 211 21 41
Fax: (030) 631 81 61
E-Mail: tafelrunde@t-online.de

Picture Copyrights: http://www.tafelrunde-berlin.de