When it comes to evening and bridal dresses, everyone’s personal taste emerges very intensively. No wonder, it is usually exactly those pieces that cause us to particularly spend a lot of time thinking about how to stand out the most. Those who are looking for a designer who is characterized by elegant and feminine evening dresses, will surely find their showpieces at Theia. The label of the Irish designer Don O’Neill stands out with exactly those attributes.

The collection for this spring and summer season consists of a series of elegant gowns which are mostly held in the princess-style, namely the highly bulked, expiring shape of the skirt which runs like a golden thread through the line. However, other pieces are more visible through specific details, rather than setting highlights with the silhouette. Intricate embroideries or shiny sequins add sparkling highlights. Don O’Neill proves how excellent he is at dressing women up for the very special occasions in life.

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