To be at home means to forget everything else and simply relax, which is why coziness and relaxation are the top priorities inside our four walls. While we transform the rooms into temples of serenity with lovely decoration, we shouldn’t forget about a comfortable outfit for ourselves. One piece of garment is simply inevitable: the dressing gown!

We humans have been loving the dressing gown for decades as it provides luxury in every situation in life. It accompanies the first few hours in the morning, which are also the first hours of the day. A luxurious start into the day is guaranteed by this classy piece. Nothing can beat its comfort, plus, it stands out thanks to high-quality materials and a unique design.

It’s the absolute favorite for many of us and I believe there’s no better way to start your day. During the winter you might want to consider a more cozy version, but don’t worry. There are heaps of looks for both men and women. Differences can mainly be found in the materials, lengths and details. Calvin Klein offers plain models while Agent Provocateur or Stella McCartney provides you with the more sophisticated and playful ones.

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