Who doesn’t want a radiant and youthfully fresh skin – simply a ‘sparkling skin’? Today’s  beauty  hack which comes from SodaStream will show you a method with which your sparkling water cannot only be used for drinking, but also for your your skin care.

Your skin can benefits from the sparkling water  because the fine bubbles act like a micro-fine brush that not only cleanses your pores, but also removes all the dead skin cells. Your skin will look smoother, more radiant and will be able to absorb the moisture of your skin care products even better.

Take some water and use the SodaStream water bubbler to create the sparkling water. Then hold your face into the water for 10 to 20 seconds. Already after one month of using this technique once a week you will see the first results. Your skin will look firmer and fresher.

Try this simple trick home and order your own SodaStream water bubbler on www.sodastream.de.