This collaboration is probably the talk of the town and featured in all news platforms. H&M and Alexander Wang surprised fashion fans all over the world with a new collection. Women as well as men can look forward to amazing pieces designed by Alexander Wang himself. Today, on November 6th, the time has finally come. As from today, this legendary collection completely colored in black and grey will be available in the stores. After successful collabs with Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace, H&M truly set another milestone in fashion history with the involvement of Alexander Wang. Fashion victims worldwide nervously counted the minutes until the release.

For 10 years, H&M has been hiring and engaging famous guest designers. Nevertheless, each time it’s something magical and special. While each collection by a guest designer before was rather marked by elegant prêt-à-porter fashion, Alexander decided to design rather athletic-looking fashion. With this collection, Alexander Wang has entered new territory, this collaboration indeed is the first time for the only 30-year-old star designer and represents another successful chapter in the immaculate career of the creative director of the Parisian avant-garde fashion brand Balenciaga.

Several days ago, the entire concept and look of the collection was revealed in New York where a spectacular fashion show took place. Top models like Natasha Poly and Raquel Zimmermann showcased the latest trends, heralding the start of a new era defined by athletic and sophisticated fashion. Thanks to Alexander Wang, we can now enjoy hot leggings, crop sweaters with Wang print, parkas and sports bras with stylish crossed straps. What’s Wang’s secret? Probably the fact that he indeed is a real fashion chameleon, so is his fashion. Although the main topic is sports, the single pieces will look great in all kinds of situations. Look at the men’s collection for instance. These wind jackets, parkas, shorts and sports pants are too awesome to only wear them when you are exercising.

But that’s not it. Apart from this designer collection, the book “The First 10 Years” was published today. In said book, H&M is shining a light on all collabs with famous guest designers in the past. Unpublished pictures, a background story devoted to each collection and much more will be featured in the book. Well, be quick, buy it if you are interested because this unique book will come out in a limited edition.

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