In times of cross-gender unisex fashion and mixed restrooms, there’s hardly anything left that can surprise us in terms of fashion. The tomboyish style is even welcomed with open arms, and not only by the young and wild ones.

Hanneli Mustaparta, Rihanna and her best friend Cara Delevingne are just a few of many more fashion-conscious representatives who don’t only commemorate this trend because it’s in style. It just reflects their personality. It particularly fits the youthful and freaky Cara.

She expertly varies within this style between Caterpillar-like Timberland Boots with oversized sweat shirts and a delicate Yves Saint Laurent-Suit of black lace. The masculine, clean, almost distant look of the grey-silver shining suit and her classy mane make her look like anything else than a little plain Jane.

One crucial component of the tomboy look is the blouson jacket. As the name already suggests, the cut of the jacket is a mix of a blouse and a jacket. It seems like a thin windbreaker jacket which doesn’t want to accommodate to the feminine silhouette and rather represents a sporty impression of a tracksuit jacket. However, the blouson jackets can vary strongly in design and cut. So a jacket can look very ladylike when thrown over the shoulder.

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