I’m not a big fan of carnivals, because I don’t like this exaggerated euphoria, drinking and weird dancing. I prefer disguises and theme parties. Anyways, I don’t think that us people here in Berlin are as “crazy and fresh” as our friends in Cologne.

Nevertheless, I prepared a nail tutorial for you, which you can wear on “Karneval”. It’s really easy, I promise. Therefore, you can check out Essence’s (available at Rossmann) new glittery carnival colors. Super easy, super cheap and super fast!

The basecoat is a light lavender shade with a light metallic shine (Glööckler Edition). Well, but to be honest, I’m not convinced by this nail polish, at all. It’s hard to apply because it just can hardly be spread evenly, but anyways, I gave it a try.

1. Apply on the basecoat; let it dry and apply the lavender shade on the basecoat.
2. Now, use the confetti nail polish (Essence), and yeah … you’re ready!
3. If you like to, you can apply on some false lashes. I bought these ones at H&M.

If this look is too bold for you, just choose another main color and glitter polish. I chose a dark grey shade and silver glitter. Voilá.



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