On Wednesday of this week, a business partner from Berlin comes to New York City spontaneously. It fits perfectly well that he lives in the former suite at the Hilton Millennium Hotel at Ground Zero.




The nightly rate is $ 4500 per night and has the best views of all the suites in New York City.


Until recently, Al Pacino and Michael Phelps also lived here. The Governors Suite 5501 is prefered by many stars when they stay in New York City.


Next stop on Friday: Harlem. The lower district inhabited by many whites. Here we meet with a friend of Lauren, she has known Harlem for eight years and promises to show us the “real” Harlem. We definitely want to see a reggae club without all the luxury and glitter.

To eat, we are going to a restaurant named The Grange2 on 1635 Amsterdam Avenue. Except for the street name everything here is very straight and bourgeois.





After the meal, it’s the Reggae Club Shine, the German shine. It sounds already adventurous and should be. When we entered the club, the bass tore us almost the eardrum, the volume was extreme. The dance style between men and women is very sexy shaped. The guys on the stage make an improbable mood and the guests are still trying to beat everything. A reggae club in Berlin is a funny confirmation event against this club here. Many pictures and videos can not be made here, unfortunately, that wants really nobody and it is too dark. After 5 minutes in the club I was asked if I really want this here. – I said, I will find it out. The guests at the Club Shine jump and bounce into extacy. In the totally overcrowded club it is almost impossible to take a drink while standing, it requires a very good balance.

The oxygen content in the shine is also very low, although smoking is strictly prohibited in America. I do not see cigarettes. After about 40 minutes my ears are almost deaf and in the stomach I feel an unknown feeling, probably due to the low oxygen content and the smoke. I decided spontaneously for fresh air and driving home. The Harlem Boys on the street I also passed unscathed and got into the next taxi.

Conclusion: anyone who wants to experience old and wild New York City can visit the Shine. But take a Harlem insider with you for sure.