Barely arrived by taxi at the Club Avenue in New York, a huge queue was awaiting us. Everybody was surprisingly well dressed and had rather tight outfits for the cool temperatures. The dresscode was relaxed: men wore jeans and sneakers and women from short dresses to sexy overknees, just about everything.I would say the average age was mid 20´s, a fairly well mixed audience. However, I was surrounded by thousands of beautiful women. I have rarely seen a club where there were significantly more women than men. But in New York, the girls do not look angry from top to bottom. No, everybody is super open, friendly and direct. Often we were asked where we are coming from and what we are doing in NYC for so long. And, of course, once again my tattoos have been conversation topic number one. The men were also quite relaxed, but maybe just because I always had Fashion Franky by my side.


Unfortunately, I missed a real dance floor, because on both sides of the club there were only tables, which one could reserve and in between the crowd of people squeezed themselves back and forth. So you only had the possibility to dance around the table. The music was fine but did not really bother me. A mix of Black Music, Hip Hop, Charts. If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was in Berlin’s Avenue …



Fashion Franky

So, while Anne describes the clubs and their atmosphere, music and general mood, I will focus on the background, the people and their real life, especially from a male point of view. I call it best the chances and risks of a single man in the NY`s nightlife.

Before we start our first club adventure, I’d better ask the insiders of the night scene – the taxi drivers!

After a few attempts I find John, he grew up in the Bronx and drives one of the many UBER taxis. John is ready to inform me briefly and without inhibitions, about the Dirty-Fucking Nightlife.

“Well, my German friend. Listen, “he says. Many night clubs have promoters and entertainers. These are given by the clubs a quota of alcohol, such as Vodka, Whisky, sometimes also small bottles of champagne, for free or a relatively small price as well as a separate table. In return, the boys bring 10-15 young girls in sexy outfits. Drinks are generally free for the girls!

After a few drinks, the girls in the club get in the mood and the men get attracted too. In general the NYC girls are direct at offensive and as a man you do not have to wait for your Honey, which is to come to the men.

So in my case 3 girls from the Dominican Republic came to me and asked me for a drink. After the first bottles are quickly empty, the neighbor men already payed their next drinks and the games begin on both sides. After 3-4 longdrinks everything is discussed, the numbers are exchanged and if one wants, one celebrates privately or in the club further. The motto of the NY’er is, we live and celebrate today, what tomorrow is nobody know…., so – party party party.




The Avenue is relatively small and tight for a nightclub, but that makes the atmosphere even more perfect even without the animated tables.


While my girls try to get a taxi, I quickly eat a pizza, right next to the avenue. The pizza tastes very good, as you can see…..


How we spent the time after the pizza, read it in the next report …
Now the New York motto applies: we live and celebrate today!