In winter, many want to escape from the cold and darkness. Tickets are booked for the world’s warmest country usually for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. As the winter makes us look pale and pale, it attracts most of course to the sea and to a beach to replenish the lost tan. The thick woolen pajamas have then, of course, no place in the suitcase, but must be replaced by airy summer clothes and beachwear. But where do you get beachwear in winter? If you look for a bikini or something like that in the cold season, it is usually very difficult. For the beachwear has long been taken out of the shops. Only the few, rather online shops, still offer beachwear. If you do not find anything suitable for the holiday in Germany, many think simply to buy something on vacation on the spot. Often, however, this turns out to be a big mistake, because the styles and the quality of the goods leave much to be desired there.

For those who want to try their luck in Germany, I went to the search and looked for beachwear. Fortunately, Asos sells bikinis and the like throughout the year.


_ Black bikini with lattice design

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_ White bikini

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_ White strapless playsuit

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_ Silver bathing suit with deep neckline

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If you want to be safe, take a look at Asos or other online shops, instead of taking the risk of not finding the right thing on holiday and then standing there without bathing clothes.