blogger-3Toni Mahfud

Bloggers are the stars of the internet! By now, women and men are equally taking their part in informing, talking, and writing about specific issues for their primary audience of  young adults; on which they have enormous influence.

But what does it actually mean do be a blogger? Firstly, ever single blogger has started off from mostly nothing. Then they started to build their own community that engages and relates to the blogger’s daily posts. Companies are constantly looking for bloggers with large amounts of followers – in order to offer the blogger a coorperation contract. In return, the blogger is then supposed to support the company’s products and services in his posts to gain additional exposure.

Blog-writing has become a world-wide phenomenon; below you can find the 3 most popular German blogger:

Maja Wyh

blogger(Blogpost Maja Wyh)

Maja Wyh founded her blog, which is of the same name, in 2013. There she regularly presents her self-created styles, categorized from Fashion, Art, Rooms, Polaroid, up to Video. Moreover, she was granted the title of “Best German Style Blog”. She also coorperates with the label of the online shop Aboutyou, Edited.

Toni Mahfud

blogger-1(Blog post: Toni Mahfud)

The Hamburg-based talent Toni Mahfud founded his blog in 2015, but was already well-known for his regular appearance on various social media sites before that. Due to his handsomeness, his artistic talents and his fortunate connections to stars like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, he has been conquered the hearts of his mostly feminine readership by storm ever since.


blogger-2Blogpost: Journelles

Jessica Weiß founded in coorperation with her friend Julia Knolle the blog  “Les Mads” in 2007. Unfortunately, the blog was shut down in the beginning of 2016 because it was initially run and managed by Katja Schweitzberger. That’s why, in 2012, Jessica founded her very own blog called „Journelles“, which focuses on Fashion, Interior, Outfits, Traveling, and Beauty. In addition, there’s her shop by the name of „Joouron which she primarily sells basics.