_ Carli Bybel

YouTube is THE social media platform to be known with your talent! In recent years, the portal has grown very much and there are more and more successful YouTuber. Especially the areas of beauty, fashion and comedy are strongly represented. Many of the people on YouTube are even given the opportunity to meet celebrities, collaborate with them and even become self-employed. So, YouTube star Shirin David is now in Deutschland sucht den Superstar jury and Desi Perkins, American Beauty-YouTuberin, was invited as a guest at the Victoria’s Secret Show in Paris. So, it has real advantages to be a YouTuber and brings many cool experiences with it.

Now I introduce you the 3 most famous YouTuber.

Desi Perkins

The 29-year-old American woman started her YouTube Channel in 2013 and she has specialized in beauty, especially make-up. Within 3 years, she has created a fairly large community of over 2 million subscribers. She was allowed to admire the Victoria’s secret Fashion Show in Paris and previously even to hang out with Kylie Jenner. Her life is what every girl dreams of!

Simon Desue

The 25-year-old guy from Hamburg has created an empire with his Channel founded in 2009! With over 3 million subscribers, he is one of Germany’s most successful YouTubbers. His fans love him for his sense of humor and his funny videos. Meanwhile, he lives in Miami and can live very well from his YouTube channel.

Carli Bybel

In 2011, the 26-year-old American woman started her YouTube Channel, where she mainly shows make-up tutorials and fashion. In the meantime, she has been able to produce a large number of cooperations with big companies. Among other things, she has launched her own collection with the fashion label Missguided and a make-up palette together with the cosmetic company BH Cosmetics. She can be guest at fashion shows and depend on prominent people, so she lives the American dream.