Photo: Andreas “eosAndy” Krupa

It’s time for the second round of the Charity-streaming-event Friendly Fire. On 3rd December, there will be a Livestream, in which well-known German Streamers – and youtubers- will collect money for a good cause. All the donations will be allocated, this year, to the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafeln e.V., the Vier Pfoten e.V., and to the Tierheim Herzsprung.

There will be present with Gronkh and the 5-Heads Pietsmiet-Team, also Pandorya, PhunkRoyal, MrMoreGame, Der Heider and FisHC0p. Together they will, definitely, run a large number of crazy and amusing games, to collect the largest quantity of money they can for charity. The loser, this year, will suffer a very nasty and funny punishment, according to Gronkh.

During the first Friendly Fire, last year, it has been collected 123,000 Euro, with the help of the Community, in a 12-hours Livestream in favor of the company Gaming AID e.V. This amount consists of private donations, sponsor donations, and money from the sold merchandise. The event was sponsored by Xbox, Giants Software, 2k Games, Roccat, and THQ. We hope that Friendly Fire 2, could be a higher point.

If you would follow the live stream, you could connect through PietSmiet Twitch Channel, on 3rd December from 15,00 on.