If you are still searching for eccentric bake ideas for holidays, it is worth to take a look to Rosanna Pansino’s Youtube channel. Here, the charismatic young woman, uploads in the “Nerdy Nummys”- Series a new Bake tutorial every Tuesday. The distinctive trait is that the majority of her creations are inspired on characters and objects from videogames, TV-Shows, Animes/Mangas, Books and Movies.

Some of her more successful videos consist in instructions for funny creations like “Angry Birds Cupcakes”, “Spiderman Candy Apples”, and “Super Mario Cake Pops”. Often, she invites well-known Youtubers like Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, or Lindsey Stirling. She baked, already, even with Miss Piggy, from the Muppets, and the Cookie Monster, from Sesame Street.

Rosanna Pansino had never had the purpose of becoming a Youtube Star. Actually, she planned to work as an actress, Production Assistant, or something similar in Hollywood and she wanted to gain more experience in front of the camera for that purpose. Supported from some of her professional youtuber friends, she published her first video in 2011, a tutorial for baking a “Super Mario Star Cake”, which she already wanted to bake for a party with some friends.

The Youtube viewers enjoyed it and encouraged her for more videos. Today, her channel has more than 7 million subscribers and her most seen video has more than 120 million views.

More than 200 different receipts for cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet delicacies are available on her channel. Her “Nerdy Nummies Cookbook”, with old and new receipts, succeeds to be in the New York Times Bestseller list and there is, already, an advertisement of her Youtube channel in the New York Underground. Who needs Hollywood.

In case you want to try to bake, on your own, some of her creations, you can take a look at Rosanna’s Youtube Channel or you can buy the “Nerdy Nummies Cookbook”. Have fun.