Mabye this scenario sounds familiar to you: You’re already laying in your bed, you’ve actually had enough, you’re full, but there’s still something missing.. Did you have dessert? And there it is; suddenly this odd desire for your favorite sweet overcomes you. Unfortunately, this feeling is quite common, but moreover, it’s considered as a real addiction. Medical scientists have been working on this topic for many years: What is this lust for sugar all about?

Where does this craving come from?
We are basically born with such a tendency. Sugar rewards our brains by releasing second messengers: you feel great, you feel in terms with your own emotional well-being. This can already happen after one small piece of chocolate, or after a whole bar of chocolate – it completely depends on your own metabolism. But when exactly is it accurate to define it as an addiction?

If you’re excessively craving for and eating a lot of sweets, this might be a reason to raise your awareness. Additionally, if you’ve unsuccessfully tried to quit eating unreasonably huge amounts of sweets up to this point, one could consider it an addiction. You basically know it harms your health and well-being, but you find yourself unable to make the necessary changes, which is why you repeatedly relapse and fall back into old patterns.

This is ultimately going to result in not only psychical consequences, but also in an overall decrease of your health and fitness. Due to excessive consumption of sweets, your insulin level is going to skyrocket. And this should be taken very seriously because consuming overly sweet foods will provide a “perfect” foundation for diseases like diabetes. It can also increase your cardiovascular risk factor up to a highly questionable level.

Tips? How do I get rid of this craving? How do I take control over my own well-being again? The answer is surprisingly simple:
First of all, get off the couch. Excercise will enormously help you to forget about your lust for sweets, it will provide you with additional energy and will rejuvenate you. Secondly, try to stick to regular meals each day, preferable three in total. This will avoid unnecessary cravings for sweets; but if you still find yourself longing for that one piece of sugared food, exchange it for some delicious fruits – and the change is bound to happen for you!